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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 22, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> here's howard. >> the totals were on the lighter side of the predictions. an inch or so here in d.c. two to four north of town and far north of town to get to that four and some isolated four plus as you get north of i-70. we see perhaps a lingering flurry. we have the severe weather alert day still in effect for
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another hour or so. slick spots. that's why we'll keep the weather alert graphic going. cloudy skies, upper 20s. may be a stray flurry. light snow outside. noontime temp under mostly cloudy skies. 32. by 5:00, we're up to 34. highs in the mid-30s. but whatever doesn't get treated will freeze solid again tonight. look at the radar during the past 12 hours. had some rain showers yesterday. that turned into some sleet and snow. you'll need some extra time if you park your car outside to scrape some of that icy build- up, the crust off the windshield. this morning, you've seen on the back edge of the snow, here it is coming out of west virginia, northern virginia. switch it over to live doppler 9000 hd. you can see that it is coming quickly out of the shenandoah valley in toward frederick, over toward leesburg. still moderate bands of snow. we'll take a quick tour of the doppler. on the west and northwest side of town right now, coming out
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of bethesda, this would be the george washington parkway here, the american legion bridge out of fairfax county. leesburg, very light flurries left for you. even out toward haymarket and gainesville, still a minor accumulating snow. fairfax down toward springfield, this is all pulling off toward the east- southeast. you'll see into fauquier county, past the plains, you get out of it. that's about the back edge of the accumulating snows we'll see. we'll go north, montgomery county, things are fairly light. same with frederick. the majorities here accumulating snows are over. howard county, still another 30 minutes or so. maybe 45 before this starts to pull away. one more stop down to the east. you'll see that in northern anne arundel, you have snow to go. you were dropped from the warning into the winter weather advisory. temperaturewise this morning, excuse me, the winter weather advisory, still in effect across the d.c., metro and points south. even montgomery has been pulled even with howard to the
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advisory with the warning snow along and north of i-70 and your temperatures before we go, they're in the low 20s, 19 in hagerstown. we're 28. watch out for a lot of frozen spots. 32 in fredericksburg. >> monika, how are the roads doing? it can't be good with the snow pack. >> a couple of things caught me off-guard coming in this morning. one was how long it took me to clear the car off and the spotty road conditions as andrea put it. take it easy. what we're finding mostly this morning is a lot of spinouts all over the place and on the beltway. that's where we're going to take you first. we've got the yellow light. at about 11:00 last night, you see the flashing lights here. it was an overturned tractor trailer. we're just hearing within the last few minutes, everything was moved off to the side and the lanes are open. again, overturned tractor trailer happened at 11:00 here. let's go to a map, southbound 95 here at route 98, you see the cars because of delays all
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the way from baltimore down toward 198 where that accident was just cleared out of the roadway but those delays at 4:00 a.m. let's take you over to the northbound side of i-270 at i- 370, the left lane is blocked. another spinout there. beltway in virginia, inner loop at van dorn street. another accident there. was just cleared. watch your step though. as you leave the wilson bridge into alexandria. and a quick look southbound on 395 where there was an accident. you look closely here, they're just working on it. this one just happened. we saw it as authorities arrived on the scene. southbound 395 here at glee road. that one is in the left lane. again, a lot to think about this morning. give yourself the extra time. you definitely will need. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. as howard just told us, we're in the middle of a severe weather alert. >> overnight, the entire region received least some sort of winter precipitation, mostly wet snow to the north and freezing rain to the south. >> we want to take you outside too look at conditions you'll
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face as you head out early today. >> jessica doyle is live along route 118 in germantown with a look at still snowing, jess. look behind you. >> it is still snowing. good morning to you guys. we're in the wet snow region as opposed to the icy rain region. we do have accumulations still going on here and it is chilly because we've got a little bit of wind. let's take a look at the february skies here on -- early this tuesday morning. you can see the flags blowing there. it gives you a sense of the wind gust here. you can see precipitation still coming down. almost horizontal in some cases depending on how fast the wind is blowing. let's take a look at the precipitation we've gotten here so far. we're in germantown and i'll tell you, we got about an inch and a half, two inches here depending on where you're looking at the curb, it looks like about an inch and a half. underneath that, there is some slick stuff. there is a little bit of snow pack, a little bit of sleet pack here and that's kind of what i saw in fairfax county
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this morning. basically, the underside of this, not the wife, fluffy snow. want to show you the roads here this morning. obviously it is very early. the conditions aren't that bad. you're definitely going to want to take it slow. i talked to mdot this morning. they have under 500 trucks on the road treating and plowing. take it slow. keep your speeds down. go about the same pace as the plows and you should be ok. i'm going to send it back to you in the studio. >> jess, thank you. our severe weather alert coverage continues with a look at things just south of the district. >> surae chinn joins us live from grainsville road and route 7 in sterling. surae, good morning. how are things there? >> good morning to both of you. the snow is still falling on the virginia side. the roads are comparable. i was driving the last hour and a half in both reston, herndon, fairfax county, dulles toll road, it is slushy but passable. here on route 7, the snow is
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packed on the roads. it is what you would expect in a snowfall. the secondary roads also, of course, a little bit worse. not too many cars out in the 4:00 hour and not a lot of accumulation here but still, it is making roads slick and we're measuring about an inch here. not too bad but again, you want to watch out, be careful. take speeds below the speed limit here and you know, the road can be pretty slick out there, too. you can see that once the melting goes on, that's going to happen. so, that's basically what's going on on the virginia side. we'll check with vdot and find out what they're doing but the snowplow trucks are still going. we see traffic here on route 7. they're still clearing the roads in the next hour to two hours, it should be a lot better. >> thank you, surae living in sterling this morning. whenever severe weather hits, this is where you need to get your forecast first. >> we'll bring you the latest weather and traffic conditions as well as the latest closings and delays. you can find us 24 hours a day
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at once there, go to our weather page where you can upload your pictures and stories related to any severe weather incident. >> some of the other news of the day, members of the virginia house and senate are trying to reconcile their rival versions of the state's $80 million budget plan. major disputes include how much to replenish the state's rainy day fund. whether or not to end an early sales tax payment practice and just how much they're going to fund education. legislators have until tuesday night and there is a deadline then to submit a compromise to the general assembly. >> virginia compromise frank wolfe is calling for an audit of the washington airport authority. according to the washington examiner, congressman wolf wants the accountability office to examine everything from spending to rules about board member attendance. the request comes on the heels of a sunday editorial in "the washington post" which accuses members of the board of directors of race in their search for a new ceo and raises
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questions about the attendance record of some board members. our time right now, 4:09. coming up, wisconsin's governor refuses to change any part of his budget proposal as union leaders vow to fight on. >> a little later, ribbon cutting ceremony is over but drivers will have to wait yet another day before they can travel on the intercounty connector. >> a quick check of the forecast to get you out the door. we're back with your weather first in two minutes. 3q
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we've got snow to show you on live doppler 9000 hd. we'll go over to the weather computer. the last of the accumulating snows are now coming through the region. you can see how everything was moving from the northwest to the southeast. watch out though. lots of slick spots and scraping to do on the cars parked outside. and upwards of 2, maybe 3 inches in the higher totals. the snow is a little lighter than forecast and that's ok. by most folks. temperatures today are going to slowly climb into the lower 30s by noon. maybe some sun breaks out then. more sun this afternoon. we'll have highs in the mid- 30s. monika? >> well, howard, the road conditions are slippery around the area. crews continue to deal with an accident involving an overturned tractor trailer inner loop of the beltway at connecticut avenue. right lane and right shoulder are blocked at this time. i'll update you on this situation and area roadways at 4:20. andrea? >> thank you, monika. coming up on 4:13, the united
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nations security council is expected to meet this morning to discuss the on-going crisis in libya. for days, police have been violently cracking down on protestors who are demanding an end to muammar gaddafi's 40- year rule. the leader said he's still in the country and has no plans to lea. the search is on this morning for the victims of a powerful earthquake in new zealand. the magnitude 6.3 quake rocked the city of christ church killing dozens and causing extensive damage there. this is the second time in less than six months a major quake has hit the area. >> wisconsin governor scott walker isn't backing down from a controversial spending cut bill. despite days of protests. in a news conference monday, he said he would not compromise on the measure which would slash collective bargaining rights from most state workers. democrats and unions have offered to accept an increase but says they budge on collective bargaining rights. >> local business owners are
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starting to feel the uncertainty about their future now that a government shutdown is looming. >> a small plane carrying a family is forced to make a rough landing in montgomery county. we'll be right back. you're watching 9news now.
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>> prince william county, the only school closed today. >> the amount of snow depends upon where you live. i had just a trace. it wasn't as much as we thought in the district but mike had several inches. >> i'm up in upper montgomery, about two inches, too. not too far from where jessica doyle is in germantown. we did have some totals above four inches north of i-70. about around inch or so. it was mixed with sleet and that caused a lot of crustiness on car windshields and windows
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that will need some extra time this morning. if you park outside, scraper alert! let's get you going. we'll talk about what we've got right now looking over the past 12 hours on the radar. we're calling this a severe weather alert day. winter weather advisories are still up. we'll be able to pull the weather alert down here in the next couple of hours. as you see on the back edge of the snow now coming out of west virginia, coming out of the northern shenandoah valley and approaching the metro. so, another hour or so. this will be through us. up in pennsylvania, we still have some snow. it is what we're looking at right here. this is the radar. live doppler 9000 hd. you go west of leesburg. it is fairly quiet. maybe a few flurries between winchester and barrysville and charlestown. south of town, still some of the areas reporting a little bit of what's called mixed precipitation, snow, maybe some sleet mixing in there. we'll go west first. here's out 66. manassas, some light snow at the moment. give it another 10, 20 minutes out toward the plains. see how things are winding down. a few very light flurries
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there. you go into fairfax, down 7100 toward springfield. some lighter snow. montgomery, you've got some flurries left over. same with frederick. in howard county though, darker blue, this is some light to moderate snow still occurring quickly headed toward baltimore, toward bwi, columbia. another 20, 30 minutes. this should be through you as well. as we go over toward the bay, light to moderate snow from annapolis along and down route 50 through anne arundel county, prince prince george's county's some light snow for you. it mixes from andrews south into charles county, reports of snow and sleet mixed there same with quantico. this is it, folks. once this is out of here, we'll be in much better shape. officially, we still have winter storm warnings across the northern counties, frederick, carroll, northern baltimore and washington, allegheny and garrett. everybody else in the purple colors, winter weather advisories until 7:00 a.m. st. mary's, you're not in anything. northern neck, you're not in
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anything. watch out. there will be slick spots especially on some of the rural areas, the untreated back roads. that's going to cause some problems for the next several hours. with that being said, we don't have everybody. i think there will be some delays today. not just cancellations. your bus stop forecast this morning, cloudy and cold. there could be an isolated flurry. low 20s to low 30s out there. with a sunrise at 6:51. today, we start out with some early flurries by 9:00. just cloudy. 29 degrees. look at the wind. north at 10. north at 8 at noon. 32. we have a high about 34 degrees. excuse me, a 5:00 temp of 34. high of 36 or 37. lower 20s and upper teens up toward hagerstown. fredericksburg is 32. pax river is 31. 23 in winchester. luray is 25. here in washington this morning, we've got 28 degrees. so, everything is sticking and it is not treated. light snow being reported. a north wind at 18 giving us the wind chill of 15. i will show you the big picture
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once again. this storm zipped through. very quickly. in fact, a little faster than we were thinking. that's one of the reasons why the snow totals were cut down by a couple of inches because we thought it would still be here until about 6:00 or 7:00, not winding up here about 4:30 or 5. could. mid-30s today, low 40s tomorrow. look at thursday, though, 50. some showers late thursday. better chance of rain on friday. more rain and mild temperatures late sunday into monday. monika? >> i think the extra time is definitely needed this morning to scrape off the car, warm up the car. and also deal with some of the lesser traveled roadways, the back roads. actually, some of the major thoroughfares as well, especially through the northern parts of town. extra time again will be needed. keep the speed limits down. we'll give you an example of some accidents that happened overnight. first to the inner loop of the beltway at connecticut avenue. off to the side here, if you look closely, the flashing lights, an overturned tractor trailer happened at 11:00 last night. authorities are still dealing
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with it on the right side of the road. if you're on the inner loop or heading there, stay to the left to get around that one and of course, i'll keep you posted. let's take you to a couple of maps. downed wires here in the olney area at route 28 at money caster mill road. authorities dealing with that both directions of route 28. another map. this one is in virginia. on the eastbound side of the dulles toll road, where there is now an accident. that was just reported at the fairfax county parkway. slippery, slick road conditions in parts of the metropolitan area. let's take you around town live. here's what it looks like on 66. you can see volumes here at the rest area. be aware of that as you head through the manassas area. we'll take you over to the northbound side of i-395. that earlier accident, southbound side of glee road has been moved to the side. you can see volumes are light. i think volumes will remain light this morning. you still want to keep the speed limits down. more in my next report at 4:29. back to you guys. thank you, monika. note to vice president joe biden, if republican senator mitch mcconnell calls, please pick up. you might be able to make
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thousands of federal employees feel better! the senate minority leader suggests he's interested in budget negotiations with the vice president, talks he claims would avert a government shutdown but if nothing happens, funding for day to day operations runs out less than two weeks from now. federal workers as well as private businesses that rely on them are waiting to see if a budget deal will be reached. >> small business and if government is shut down, it is very bad for us. >> the last time the federal government shut down was 15 years ago. federal workers ended up getting back pay but that might not happen this time if there is another shutdown. >> a family is lucky to be alive after a plane landed just short of the runway at the montgomery county airpark. >> the area around 7:40 last night, the pilot, a 63-year-old grandfather complained about having on a problems with icing on the plane. >> reporter: our cameras were the only ones rolling as mom and dad carry their 18-month-
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old twins out of the ambulance just moments after their plane made a rough landing at montgomery county airpark. >> the two children were both in child passenger seats and all of the adults were strapped in tightly. the plane stayed upright and just landed short of the runway. so, everybody is lucky. >> according to montgomery county fire, the family was returning from florida on the six passenger plane. 32-year-old dad gets his vitals checked by firefighters while his 33-year-old wife cares for the little boy and girl. 63-year-old grandma and grandpa are shaken up. >> he's just glad to be on the ground. >> reporter: the beechcraft baron twin-engine is owned by leopold arrow llc out of wilmington, delaware. the 32-year-old aircraft was last inspected in october of 2009. it was not significantly damaged but still, towed away from that runway. as for the family -- >> everything is fine. >> reporter: and relieved the frightening moments are now
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behind them and they can drive home safe and sound. >> that was delia gone solves reporting. she tells us the pilot is from philadelphia. we do know he's landed here before. according to an online flight tracker, the family left pennsylvania last wednesday, stopped here to refuel for a couple of hours before flying to myrtle beach and then palm beach, florida. >> today's winter weather has delayed the grand opening of the intercounty connector. don't worry, it opens tomorrow. the ribbon cutting ceremony went on as scheduled yesterday. governor martin o'malley, transportation secretary ray lahood were all there. once it is finally open tomorrow, tolls will be collected by overhead sensors. the first seven miles of interstate 370 to georgia avenue opens tomorrow morning. by the time the whole thing is finished, 19 mile icc will run from i-370 to i-95 in laurel. >> we have the list of closings and delays at the bottom of our screen. manassas city schools in virginia are now added to the closings list that includes
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prince william county so far. before we head to break, it is time to take a look at the question of the morning. >> so, what is the one thing you can buy pretty much anywhere except on the internet? would it be a, verizon's iphone, b, girl scout cookies or c, gold? put your guess on our facebook page and we'll reveal the answer in a little bit.
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look at the snow still falling in parts of our area. >> this is germantown. overnight, our entire region got some form of wintry weather. we had a couple of three inches up in germantown. >> our time right now is 4:27. good morning. i'm andrea roane. >> thank you for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. monika will have the situation in the roads in a moment. she's here for angie. mr. bernstein has the totals. >> totals weren't impressive thankfully. >> wait a minute. your turn. >> you could even do it. we have a few closings. prince william county schools and manassas city schools are
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closed. >> there it is. >> it is my turn. >> weatherwise, we had an inch or so. mix of sleet and the freezing rain. you have your crusty car windshields to scrape off. the scraper alert also along with severe weather alert right now. we'll be dropping that probably by the 7:00 hour when the winter weather advisories also expire unless they come down earlier. what we're looking at live doppler 9000 hd and i stepped over to the radar, this is the back end of the snow here. the back end of the accumulated snow is really right there. you don't see much more than what we're looking at west of the line. that's some good news. still, we've got some darker blues there. those are the snow. the blue is the snow. the pink would be a snow/sleet mix still. as we go up toward areas in howard county now, southeastern montgomery county, you're starting to see still some blue there, some moderate snow, light to moderate snow from olney, just on the east side of gaithersburg over toward derwood, perhaps. that will track down toward silver spring and bellsville
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and laurel. in the next 30 to 45 minutes, this will be the next of the -- the end of the snowfall. we'll go south into fairfax county. you see western fairfax, very light snow there. some flurries. but as you approach the beltway, still some light to occasionally light snow showers going on. this extends down toward springfield and down toward woodbridge as well. into the lower parts of prince william county approaching quantico where there has been mixed precip, snow. maybe snow, a little bit of sleet. prince george's county, some of the dark blues from upper marlboro, especially between upper marlboro and -- you've got a burst going on there. shady side toward mcdaniel, this is quickly moving east. this will be it. most of the snow is going to be over here between now and the next 90 minutes. by 6:00 a.m., i think most of us are done. a quick look at the day planner for today. we've got the clouds through much of the morning. maybe we'll see some sunny breaks by noon. 29 at 9:00. 32 with a north


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